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Security Window Screen




Name: Burglar-Proof Window Screen, Bullet-Proof Window Screen, Metal Security Screen, Stainless Steel Security Screen

Material: Stainless steel 304, 316L.

Specifications: 10 mesh x 0.9mm, 11 mesh x 0.8mm, 12 mesh x 0.7mm, 14 mesh x 0.6mm

Mesh size: 750mm x 2000mm 900mm x 2000mm 1200mm x 2000mm

750mm × 2400mm 900mm x 2400mm 1200mm x 2400mm


Security window screen is made by weaving of high strength stainless steel wire by heavy-duty precision weaving looms. Treated with black matte processing, the window screen is normally fitted with choice aluminum alloy frames, offering the characteristics of pest control, bullet-proof, good ventilation, beautiful outlook, safety, explosion-proof, anti-aging and other advantages.


Features: Easy installation with the flat mesh surface. Surface can be treated with black matte painting, white painting and grey painting. Uniform and straight opening allows superior clear vision and maximum protective security.


Application Scope: Residential houses without stainless steel security net and stainless steel switch gate; The balconies, windows, home garden hall for villas, garden houses and high-grade residential areas; The financial office windows and doors of the corporations; residential areas where the property management requires a uniform building outlook; customers need a window offering a clean view and a good security function, while keeping the pests out.

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