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AL-MG aluminum window screen how to calculate
AL-MG aluminum window screen how to calculate? 1/2 or 1/3 of the window opening? Some people have asked these questions, but the answer is not more clear. Please explain heroes carefully look at the floor as well as whether there is an internal window screens
1, AL-MG aluminum window screen to calculate how to calculate the fan must be combined with the selected Atlas window, see the provisions of the Atlas yarn fan size
2, or by calculating the actual installation of the yarn fan
3, when calculated according to the peripheral area of the frame
4, the general double-leaf sliding window is a yarn fan, single-leaf casement window fan is a yarn, yarn fan no fixed window
5, the interior floor windows have yarn fan, such as the wall between the kitchen and living room windows have yarn fan, it can be through the kitchen window ventilation
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