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AL-MG aluminum window screen

AL-MG aluminum window screen from magnesium aluminum alloy wire woven, also known as the "AL-MG aluminum window screen", "aluminum window screen, AL-MG aluminum window screen" for the silver white color, corrosion resistance, suitable for humid environment. AL-MG aluminum window screen after coated with epoxy resin paint, can be applied into green, gray, yellow, blue and so on a variety of colors, so called "epoxy resin paint aluminum window screen". Coated with epoxy resin paint AL-MG aluminum window screen is a high-end products, mainly sold to American, Europe and other regions.

AL-MG aluminum window screen material: aluminum - magnesium alloy wire

AL-MG aluminum window screen features: corrosion resistance ability

AL-MG aluminum window screen mesh: 14 mesh, 16 mesh, 18 mesh, 18X14 mesh etc.

Wire diameter: 0.18-0.27mm

Width: 0.5m - 1.52m

AL-MG aluminum window screen widely used in doors and windows, corridor to prevent small insects.

Specifications include: 14*14 mesh, 17*15 mesh, 16*16 mesh, 18*16 mesh, 18*14 mesh, wire diameter is usually we can supply the following screens BWG31 or BWG32. (various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements): AL-MG aluminum window screen, aluminum magnesium alloy net. AL-MG aluminum window screen a variety of color, room temperature does not fall off, the high temperature of 120 does not fade, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, high strength, no rust. Widely used in home decoration, anti mosquito, building windows and doors, all kinds of high-grade net cover y received signal etc..


Products: stainless steel wire netting

Material: 302 304 304L 316 316L

Width: 0.6 meters - 6 meters.

Length:  0.5meters- 30.5meters

Packing: kraft paper sacks, wooden pallet

Special point:

A: rat proof, high strength toughness, can be avoided due to a series of health problems caused by the mouse into the house.

B: mosquitoes and flies, in the basic use and ordinary mosquitoes and insects can also prevent a damp places small wheat midge.

C: fire, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, now the buildings have fire prevention facilities, but the general nylon screens cannot fire, stainless steel screen can achieve basic fire safety requirements.

D: air, light, surface color of the product is bright and beautiful, from the ordinary nylon screens can be better than the increase of air flow rate, and the sun's rays. Stainless steel screens using plain weave weaving technology, has good air permeability, light transmission performance, and is a replacement product of our country ordinary nylon netting at present, the high grade of products, extensive use, is the high-grade office protection products preferred windows building, housing and all kinds of construction, livestock farms, orchards.

Stainless steel screen window specification table:

PVC bag plastic window screening product introduction:

· material: plastic of galvanized wire and stainless steel wire. The stainless steel wire is divided into: 202304

· colors: white, black, green

· woven plastic bag: first, plain weave

Performance: light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, not easy to deformation

· use: Hotel and residential mosquito and fly, filtering, building networks

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